Loris Bog-off festival


The Loris Chamber of Commerce sponsors the Loris Bog-Off Festival each year on the third Saturday in October in downtown Loris.  The event is a day packed with entertainment, vendors, food, and fun for all ages.  The festival began in 1980 as a chicken bog cooking contest and has evolved into the huge event it is today.  Chicken bog generally consists of chicken, rice, sausage and spices of your choice; though over the years there have been many variations of this basic recipe.

If you chose not to create your own pot of chicken bog, the Jamestown Chefs are always on site to provide plates of the southern cuisine at a reasonable price.  After all these years the cooking contest is still considered the main focus of the day but is accompanied by over 200 vendors, two stages of entertainment and a huge children’s area.  The stage performances include local dance schools, school choruses and local bands.  The festival ends with a fireworks extravaganza and a free concert from a national act.  If you briefly are unable to find entertainment to your liking, the many craft and retail vendors will keep you busy.  After you have dined on the Jamestown Chefs chicken bog, enjoy a funnel cake or homemade ice cream from one of the many food vendors. 

The Loris Bog-Off Festival is sponsored by local businesses and anticipated by residents from both of the Carolinas.  If you have never feasted on the southern delicacy and love a festive atmosphere this is the place to be on the third Saturday in October with the 35,000 others that won’t miss the event.  Make plans to join us for this great festival; you will not be disappointed

Loris Bog-Off Festival Vendor Application